Simple and Cheap Outdoor Halloween Lamp Covers

Those simple, old plastic pumpkin candy buckets that you can get for cheap this time of year can have other great uses. Check out these simple covers that we created for over outdoor lighting.

1) Purchase or dig out of your attic pumpkin shaped buckets that are typically used to carry candy trick-or-treating. Make sure to pick ones that have handles in tact to sling over the lanterns.

Simple and Cheap Halloween Light Covers (1)

2) Carefully cut the back and bottom out of the buckets, ensuring that you do not cut off where the bucket is attached to the handles. You may need to modify where you cut the bucket dependent on the size of your outdoor lanterns.

3) Install the buckets over your existing outdoor lighting.

Simple and Cheap Halloween Light Covers (3) Simple and Cheap Halloween Light Covers (2)

Total Cost: $1.98 for two buckets
Time: 5 minutes
Skill Level: Easy

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